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STIPE PLETIKOSA BACK IN TRAINING Stipe Pletikosa has returned to training after a knee injury sidelined the former Croatian 1 keeper for over a year.
Kroatiska manager Slaven Bilić has put the 31 year-old Pletikosa on the roster for the three upcoming friendlies in May.
Right before Pletikosa sustained torn ligaments in his knee during training last year, it was rumored that Tottenham was interested just click for source the services of the Croatian keeper.
Thanks to Tom in WPG for the video.
Nothing else has been released.
Det är Stipe gamla stampa marken så det är det enda skälet till att jag kunde tro att de skulle låta honom träna där.
Kanske Hajduk försöker att rulla honom om han inte ta ett riktigt jobb i sommar.
Han skulle vara bättre att starta i Hajduk än på bänken i Moskva ändå.
Han är en stor målvakt så det är en tidsfråga innan han går till en stor klubb.
He had his bags packed for Croattenham when he hurt his knee.
Förhoppningsvis kommer han få en andra chans.
Slaven, Rättvis tillräckligt men jag tror inte att han är på Hajduk skulle hjälpa honom i ett år.
Ideally somebody legit will sign him…sammanfattning.
A professional soccer player should realise that he is better off starting every game at less pay than sitting on the bench and picking up a bigger pay cheque.
A rolling stone gathers no moss.
Mossy stones end up retiring early because their stock drops.
I slutändan är bättre att spela varje match de kan.
Hajduk is scouted closely by European clubs.
He is not going to Hajduk.
He is only training with them since the Russian season will be going on break.
He has highest ever jackpot on pointless this in the past and other former Hajduk players have done the same.
Pletikosa, with the exception of the England loss at home and the bad goal he gave up against to Macedonia in Euro 08 kvalificerande, has always played highest ever jackpot on pointless for the repka.
Men, he is not a top notch class keeper and I was puzzled why Tottenham would go after him.
Probably as a back up.
A professional soccer player should realise that he is better off starting every game at less pay than sitting on the bench and picking up a bigger pay cheque.
Så, you would give up half a million dollars and possibly millions over the course of a contract.
These guys have a very short career and they should do everything they can to make as much money now.
When they are done, they usually dont have any skills that translate in the real world and never come close to making the same amount of money.
Its all about the lifestyle that you want.
To you want a nice house in one city or a cipy of places.
Do you want a 13-meter yacht or do you want a 30-meter yacht.
Väl, that is the difference by having the extra money on hand.
Easy to say you should take less money when you have never been presented with a chance to make serious cash.
Rotting on the bench with a bigger pay results in a shorter career and less overall money.
Vilken klubb kommer att betala en spelare att sitta på bänken hela tiden innan de släpper honom och han är kvar med några erbjudanden eftersom han har rostiga kompetens och ingen fitness?
Every day Eduardo or Pletikosa sit on the bench, their stock value drops.
It keeps dropping until they become worthless to clubs.
Det är inte en bank jobb.
Det är en sport.
Athletes run and chase balls.
Var inte en homer.
Var inte en homer?????
Please explain that one.
Inte riktigt, it all depends on the club you are at.
Sitting the bench at a big club or a club that has deep pocketbooks does not mean you are sacrafcing long term wages.
Igen, Det handlar om pengar och komfort som du vill.
Jag tror att du har fel.
Återigen highest ever jackpot on pointless förvirrande en idrottare jobb med en bankirer jobb.
Arsenal can keep Eduardo on the bench for another 2 år max innan han kastade ut.
What club is going to pick up a player who sat on the bench for 5 år?
Det handlar inte om komfort.
Det är ingen mening alls.
In my opinion if he sits on the bench his taking the easy way out.
I would hope that he tries to go to tottenham since he will be pushed harder by gomes.
And as you know with injuries occuring frequently in soccer he can be given his time to shine.
We all know that Redknapp has had his issues with gomes inconsistent play earlier on highest ever jackpot on pointless that his not scared to replace goalies if his not happy.
My point is not about playing time, its about the money you make.
Most players think short term and will not abandon a lucrative contract for one tthat pays much less… Nor should they.
Some of you guys r mentioning the brazilian born croat going to another club.
What makes you think a club like the jewish backed club in london would want an injury prone brazilian born croat.
I have to agree with Ziva on this one.
Jag respekterar verkligen nästan "OS-liknande" ideal som ett antal av er har, e.
De vill ta så mycket pengar som de kan, så fort de kan, och om de måste sitta att göra det, so be it.
Jag vet att några av dessa clowner personligen och det är hur de tänker efter så många år av spel.
Ingen vet vad framtiden kommer att ge en yngre spelare.
Han lämnar en klubb för mindre pengar och vad händer om han river sitt knä eller någon annan skada.
Om du tror att du har tillräckligt med pengar där du kan riskera det för en mindre lön dag, då är det deras samtal.
When you are 50 år gamla och kan sitta utanför på din villa på en av öarna i Kroatien och sedan komma in din fina båt, Du kan sedan se tillbaka och säga att jag gjorde rätt samtalet.
Dario Simic, Jerko Leko, Marko Babic and Jurica Vranjes all done the taking the money schema.
Det ser hemskt men för att vara ärlig när en killar sitter där och inte ville och uppenbart inte kommer att gå.
Arsenal already made it clear that Van Persie, Chamahk, Bendtner and Vela will be the forwards next season.
No place for Dudu sadly, but there are other clubs in this big wide world.
Pletikosa to Tottenham is something i can see still happening.
He could do with a run in the national team though so people remember who he is.
Ziva, What is the likelihood that Reja could actually return to coach Hajduk?
Apparenatly Surjak is in favour of this.
What do your sources say?
Or is Spaco safe?
Spaco was a short-term solution and always has been and will be in the future.
Reja really did enjoy his time in Split, so I guess its up to him.
I have not talked to my guys down there since the cup game, so I dont have a clue what they are thinking.
They have bgger issues right now.
They are trying to hold on to Livaja junior and hope he changes his mind about a move to Inter Milan.
Ticinovic wants out as well or a heavy pay increase.
Jag har hört detta om Ticinovic också.
I think he says if they give him chances then he will stay.
Jag kan inte se varför Hajduk inte kan låta Ticinovic komma in i stället för Ibricic som Ticinovic gick bra i slutet av säsongen.
Jag kan inte se varför det skulle finnas någon plats för honom.
Vukusic and Cop can be benched and they can play Ticinovic alongside a striker who they need to sign.
Så långt Livaja, will they get money for him.
If so let him go.
See how he does.
I am referring to the role player who is not good enough to be on the national team or borderline sub on the team.
Några av er har denna romantiska syn hur du behöver "utmaning" själv.
Screw that, you need to get paid.
Everyone wants to play, I have never met a player who wanted to sit on the bench.
Men, lets be realistic.
Sitting on the becnh and making serious cash is better than making half that money at probably a lesser club.
Some of these guys have a certain lifestyle that want to keep up and maintain, so they rather sit the bench and collect their checks.
Of course they do not want to be on the bench, everyone wants to play, but they are more than willing to take the big time money for a spot on the bench and with the realization they will not play as much.
Jag ska bara ge er några kroatiska spelare som gör det just nu eller har gjort det….
Tror du mig inte….
How about how Davor Suker and how he ended up his career on the bench with Arsenal, West Ham, och 1860 Munich.
He gladly accepted sitting the bench Jarni at Panathinakos.
Need more evidence, väl, OK…Här du går….
Dario Simic with Monaco and Milan.
Simic could have opted out, but we valued the money.
Skön, you might say all those guys were older and past their prime….
OK, how about the following….
Marko Babic with Betis, Hertha Berlin and Zaragoza.
What about some of the current players at Hajduk who refuse to abandon their contracts and file an agreement to terminate their contracts.
Jurica Vranjes looks very content highest ever jackpot on pointless the bench in germany even though he had offers to leave.
Why did he stay, because nobody would give him the kinf of money he is making now.
Need some more names….
How about Jerko Leko.
Jag tror att jag ska sluta vid denna punkt.
Speaking of money… det verkar som om vi får vänta åtminstone ytterligare ett par veckor för ett svar från Marko Livaju.
I wonder if the extra time is designed to see how much cash Hajduk can raise from player sales?
When will the transfers officially begin?
I think what we have here is a failure to communicate.
I suggest we all agree to disagree on this one.
I was about to say Ante B is being slightly negative about Dinamo until i read that Dinamo is interested in another over the hill play Vennegor of Hesselink.
Sorry but i despair.
Signs Croatians who understand what the club means and who have appetite for playing in the league and for Dinamo.
Sasa Bjelanovic — Vicenza DOABLE Daniel Cesarec — Asteras FREE TRANSFER and DOABLE Andrej Keric — little transfer fee, but if swapped with Slepicka will bring fee down and has potential for sell on This is all doable.
Om Mamic tecknar Hesselink Jag förlorar intresse nästa säsong.
Give me Kezman and any mujo any day of this pile of crap.
We keep signing joke players.
We are crying out for a signing to give us some cheer.
Om Jerko kommer det är bra.
We need a solid player.
I see something of Ibricic in Mehmad Alispahic.
As much as i think of Vuga, han är bäst av att hjälpa en annan sida.
Rijeka for example could easily take Vuga back.
The only player worth signing of that nature is Sasa Bjelanovic on highest ever jackpot on pointless 2 års kontrakt.
When Hull got Hesslink instead of us i was glad last season.
Han är långsammare än Slepicka och det är att säga något.
Han är väl klarat det och är bara bra för en mitt bord holländska sidan dessa dagar.
If the sign a Croatian forward aged 20-30 från utlandet som är en mindre klubb första de kommer att ha eld i sina bellys och vara angelägna om att kämpa för utmärkelser.
These guys like Keric, Cesarec and Bjelanovic are so obviously.
To me it seems we only shop in 2 markets.
The really bargain basement HNL1 market i.
Varför kan vi inte sikta någonstans i mitten som är en begåvad spelare i åldern 20-30.
We should aim to build a long term side, not sign guys for short periods of time.
Srdjan Andric for example has been inspiration to Hajduk these last two seasons.
You have to get guys like that who have a little left in the tank.
Det passar med Dinamo budget, keeps us in profit and improves the age and fitness of the players available to Jurcic.
Also the pace, movement and know how of the team improves.
I agree with most of what your saying dinamofan.
Jag personligen tror inte Etto är ingenting special.
Also samma sak för ibanez.
Although he has a pretty hard shot of some free kicks he has taken.
I personally think we need to sell Mandzo in order to fund the revamping of the side and so we actually need 3 forwards.
Etto is alright as a place.
Definitely good enough as a squad player.
Han är inte den spelare han brukade vara när vi värvade honom, men jag tror att han är bra nog.
We have to build slow.
I think Etto is good for one more season and Ibanez needs a full season to see if he improves as is still young.
Vi kan inte rensa ut alltför mycket som Mamic i själva verket inte vet hur du registrerar anständiga spelare eller var du ska leta, så jag är glad för genomsnittliga killar som Vrdoljak och Barbaric att bo.
If we alter the tactics say like if we get Leko and team him up with Vrdoljak that strengthens us in midfield as in Europe Badelj is not powerful enough in there and Vrdoljaks not good enough on his highest ever jackpot on pointless />Badelj can play from the left side.
If we get a partnership like Keric and Cesarec, vi skulle ha tempo och rörelse med en liten bit av kunskap.
Bjelanovic will back them up from the bench and give us plenty of goals.
Även dessa killar har haft erfarenhet utomlands så att de inte kommer att vara rädd som Sivonjic och andra killar som aldrig spelat utanför HNL1.
Jag måste vara ärlig vi måste få mycket upptagen flytta killar in och ut.
With Mandzo we should not wait.
We should sell immediately.
The first bid that comes he should go and we should ignore other bids for Badelj and Morales and focus on clearing out and signing.
Just read an article where mamic says he is sticking with the same coach and same players.
If that happens that means dinamo will have the same results…kicked out of euro qualifications after 3rd round.
Biscan therefore at least has intelligence.
Om han inte hade gjort det skulle han ha blivit förnedrad som alla dessa killar på Hajduk.
Biscan is wise enough to know that another team will prob not want him.
Whereas at Dinamo he can at least ensure he gets games considering Kovac will go.
No problem with keeping Jurcic.
Jag tvivlar på att vi skulle hålla alla spelare men.
Jag förväntar oss att ha en klar ut.
I expect Biscan to stay for a year and why let Vrdoljak and Etto go.
It will not take much to get Sivonjic and Chago out on loan.
Primorac, Tomic and Butina are out of contract so there is some room for manouevre in the market.
I think he should sell Mandzo and Slepicka still.
Which decent highest ever jackpot on pointless wants to come to a team with no team system, most players lacking motivation, playing in empty stadiums,etc.
We need to become a B standard team first.
So what the basic idea is is to sign better than what we currently have.
Nobody can say that any fan of a Croatian club team expects European glory.
Om något lag nådde så långt som knock steg efter gruppspelet i Europa liga de skulle vara lycka.
My opinion is that is all we should aim for.
If we got to the Champions League it purely have financial benefits as those teams are too big for us.
Europa Liga is where we need to make our mark.
När det gäller att vi inte kommer att locka spelare jag tror inte att.
That is a very general way of looking at things.
Football is more specific and requires more intelligence than that.
You have the world to search and you find your players.
Arsenal inte betala miljoner för att bygga det lag.
Dinamo is a big name especially for Croatian players.
Of course Dinamo can improve the contracts given by Asteras Tripolis and Slovan Liberec for Keric and Cesarec.
These guys are an improvement on the current squad.
Jag tror inte topp pengar behöver för att få dem.
Also people like Bjelanovic for example are different to guys like Sokota and Balaban.
Sokota and Balaban have had big moves then a lot of sitting around on benches.
Bjelanovic has had to work move around and has a great number of matches under his belt.
I think it depends who you go for.
Someone like Bjelanovic will consider lesser wages than a guy who played in Benfica or was Club Bruges star and are use to more money in there pocket.
Bjelanovic has played with smaller clubs but has proven he has great longievity and fitness that some of the oldies we bought before.
When Dinamo sign i would hope they look this time and a track record and history of a player.
We seem to over pay for names.
Vi ser inte på vad spelaren tillför dem lag.
Om som visas Leko tecken för oss i min åsikt han alltid hållit sig friska och och du kan bygga en sida runt honom.
If you pair him with Vrdoljak you may see a better Vrdoljak and there is two of them doing the work in the middle and it allows the wide guys Morales and Badelj to express themselves.
You got to sign real players.
There are guys out there.
There are guys of promise in Bundesliga 2, in Czech league, i Danmark, in Greece that are Croat.
Just need to pick off the right players.
Att säga att vi behöver om löner eller kan inte få spelare är alltför defeatest.
My question is has Dinamo actually looked and targetted the right players.
Jag menar om vi ser på det där som en hel del långsamma killar väl passerat det främsta som har satts i samband med både Dinamo och Hajduk.
When i think of how Dinamo needs to sign i think of TWO players.
OGNJEN VUKOJEVIC signed from Lierse and then sold for 5m.
Tomislav Mikulic signed from Racing Genk and then sold for 2m to Standard Liege.
Those are the type of moves we need to make.
För närvarande alla vi gör tecknar skräp från Zapresic bara för att ge dem pengar för Mamic att skicka sina spelare eller vi tecknat mycket gammal spelare som redovisas endast namn och det är det.
If we think more intelligently we can improve the side.
För närvarande ser jag mer potential i Hajduk trupp än Dinamo så vi måste rekrytera.
Såvida, those guy you mentioned will receive greater offers than what they are making now or could make with another team, I just dont see them making the move to dinamo.
I assume these guys are smart and realize the talent around them at Dinamo would not carry them into the Europa league knock out stages.
Om så är fallet, they will go to the highest bidder.
Dinamo will again be trying to hit the jackpot with a signing, and in all probablitty will end up with another player the like the greek or blind pussy.
Just nu, I could care less if the croatian league is quality.
As long as the national team is good, the league can stay like crap.
It has for the last 10 år.
We produce individual talent and that is the best we can hope for at this point.

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i agree with slaven on this one being paid to sit on a bench is pointless no one is going to want to pick... Om så är fallet, they will go to the highest bidder. Dinamo will again be trying to hit the jackpot with a signing, and in all.


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ICA är den ledande globala leverantören av professionella certifikationer och yrkesexamengällande penningtvätt, compilance och förebyggande av bedrägeri/.

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